Private Tailor from UK

Alexandru Popa

Private Tailor from UK

Alexandru Popa


One of the greates contemporary Private Stylist

The ultimate luxury of buying clothes. In a world full of brands and clothes with exaggerated prices, I come with the private tailoring service. A service for the modern, educated man that values ​​the clothing style and personal image.

The man who is my client always knows that my service is a personal investment. From self-confidence to the appreciation of those around you, there are no arguments against not accessing private tailoring.

I put my experience and knowledge to work every day to get a head turner out of every man.

How It Works

First step - design

As your personal tailor, the first step of the process is design. I will be by your side to guide you through the design and selection process, working together to decide on the perfect fabrics, linings, buttons, and styling requirements for your tailor-made outfit. We will explore different options and take your preferences into consideration to create a unique and personalized design.

Second Step - measure

The next step is measurement. We will take thirty-two unique measurements, along with hundreds of tailoring adjustments, before confirming the final details and scheduling your first fitting in eight weeks’ time. This step is crucial to achieve a perfect and comfortable fit for your tailored clothing.

the third step- Fitting

Next comes the fitting stage. The tailored fitting is an opportunity to address your personal clothing preferences and ensure an exceptional fit and comfort. It often involves decisions regarding sleeve and trouser length, among other minor adjustments, to create the perfect fit for your custom-tailored garment.

the fourth step - delivery

The final step is delivery. Once your first bespoke garments are ready, we will keep a record of your bespoke template and style preferences. This allows future orders to be produced with ease, enabling you to develop a wardrobe of made-to-measure clothing that accentuates your own personal style. We are committed to ensuring that you are dressed in high-quality, perfectly tailored garments that represent your individuality.

How It Works


In person or online, we meet to understand you, and your style.


For you personal styling preference, we recomend the perfect suit for your event or for your wardrobe.

On going Styling Service

As we know your style and measurements, it's much more easier to recomend for your wardrobe.

Private Sesion

The private appointment wil take about an hour , we will explore different options and take your preferences into consideration to create a unique and personalized design.

Online Sesion

Remove the stress of traveling to our location, book an online sesion.

Upcoming Show

Location soon

A private event will take place in the Hotel. The private appointment wil take an hour.

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I will be in the following cities

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By Alexander



No, howere the price of a suit starts from 800 euros and a shirt from 180 euros.

The consulting session is included in the price of the product. If you only want image consulting, the price starts at 100 euros per hour.

We travel all over the world for our existing clients or if we arrange in advance. We charge the airline.

I don’t just make suits but entire wardrobes for men. The production team is always dealing with the development of new designs, especially on the casual side.

We make alterations only for products made by us or for existing customers.

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